About Me

Hi! I'm Riesling.

Riesling Walker is a Data Science Manager with a Masters in Analytics from Georgia Tech. In her analytics and data science career at Home Depot, Capital One, Atlassian, and Microsoft, she has worked across online retail, store-side retail, product, credit cards, B2B, SaaS, and marketing, giving her a diverse set of experiences. She has spoken at the Digital Analytics Association OneConference (2021), MeasureCamp US (2022), and The Marketing Analytics Summit (2022) about her experience building confidence as a woman in analytics.

Riesling gravitates towards analytics engineering and data strategy, ensuring data quality and usability. This includes extensive data documentation and enablement, development of new datasets, building analytical layers on top of existing data models, joining data sources in new ways to extract insights, catching errors in production, and more.

In addition to her core responsibilities, Riesling is team "Glue" that helps a team become strong together. She is constantly encouraging people to collaborate, building relationships within and across teams, leading data foundations changes, becoming a brand advocate and keeping a positive attitude. Whether it's starting a Toastmasters Public Speaking club, proactively mentoring new analysts, sending people the podcast that she listened to that morning, or connecting people across the organization, it's clear that she is a "culture add" to any company. Above all, Riesling likes improving processes and helping people.

Outside of work I am probably...

Listening to a podcast

"Oh - that reminds me of a podcast that I listened to recently" might be the most common sentence that comes out of my mouth. I'm always sending friends and coworkers episodes that I think are interesting! For my personal recommendations, check out my resources section.

Exploring Atlanta

Maybe it's trying a new restaurant (or going back to one of my favorite brewpubs), going to a festival, visiting a museum, or running the Peachtree Road Race (that I sign up for every year because I somehow forget that I hate running), I love being out and about in Atlanta!


I knit to relax. I always have a project on my needles! I always tell people "knitting isn't hard - you just have to be really good at following directions, and doing the same thing over and over". The projects that I am most proud of are my first sweater (pictured above!) and the shawl that I made for my best friend's wedding.

Banner, head shot and knitting photo from papillon-visuals.com; photo of Atlanta taken by me (from my wedding venue!); podcast mic photo from pixabay.com/photos/podcast-mic-equipment-microphone-3696504/